Spring River Dairy provides Fry Farms Co-op with its wonderful, raw, A2 Jersey cow milk and dairy products! Pasture-raised, raw A2 milk has an excellent nutritional profile and rich, delicious taste that cannot be matched by store-bought milk. A2 milk is also very easy to digest.

Our heritage breed Jersey cows graze out in the fields where they munch a variety of fresh grasses along with free choice of hay, water, minerals, salt and kelp. They are not given antibiotics and they never receive hormones to increase milk production. The average lifespan of our healthy cows is 8-10 lactations, compared to two lactations for cows in conventional dairies. Our milk is full-fat and whole, never skimmed and never heated. All Fry Farms dairy products are made with our wonderful A2 milk.

In addition to milk, we have a whole array of live culture dairy products (including yogurt, kefir, and sour cream) which are an excellent source of natural probiotics. And don't miss out on our rich cream and delicious cheeses! Our dairy products are available through herd share.

Want to know more?

Contact Colleen Obergfell, Fry Farms Co-op Manager, at fryfarmscoop@gmail.com or (260) 402-1828.